Five Top Benefits of Gratitude in Business

By Swift HR Solutions Team | Leadership, Best Practices | No Comments

Gratitude Challenges are popular year-round, and especially during the month of November, when we celebrate our national Thanksgiving holiday. It can be tempting to gloss over or ignore the…

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A Simple Math Formula to Increase Employee Engagement

By Delise Crimmins | Leadership, Human Resources, Best Practices | No Comments

They say most problems in life can be solved through some form of mathematical equation. Being an organizational development executive, I have found that difficult to grasp as math is so far outside…

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Stop Recruiting, Start Connecting

By Jack Perkins | Consulting, Human Resources, Recruiting, Best Practices, Venture Capital | No Comments

Software engineers want to talk with their fellow professionals about job opportunities, not run the HR gauntlet. Recruiting for software engineers and other in-demand positions gives everyone the…

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37 Signals Earns Millions Each Year. Its CEO's Model? His Cleaning Lady

By Swift HR Solutions Team | Best Practices | No Comments

Don't build a fast company, Jason Fried tells Fast Company. Build a slow one. Jason Fried is a founder and CEO of 37signals, a software company based in Chicago. Fried also treats 37signals as…

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Money: It's Not All Employees Want

By Jayne Mattson | News, Best Practices, Compensation | No Comments

When employers act as though the 1959 song "Money (That's What I Want)" represents employees' top priorities in the workplace, they miss some of the most important drivers of satisfaction and…

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Salary Increase Budgets are Low and Going Even Lower

By Swift HR Solutions Team | Human Resources, Recruiting, Best Practices, Compensation, Finance | No Comments

Salary increase budgets and are near to historical lows, and are likely going even lower, due to the weak economic "recovery." Growth in 2010 has been so tepid that unemployment has barely budged and…

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The Changing Landscape of Rewards

By Doug Sayed | Leadership, Human Resources, Recruiting, Best Practices | No Comments

The past two years has seen the quickest and most dramatic shifts in compensation (aka "rewards") plans practices ever. In the past two years, we've witnessed "the sky is falling" near-collapse of…

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Helping your Gen Y's Resolve Ambiguity

By Laura Schildkraut | Leadership, Best Practices | No Comments

According to the Webster's College Dictionary, ambiguity is "doubtfulness or uncertainty of meaning or intention." In a business sense, it's lack of clarity. How many times have we, as managers,…

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The Value of Values: Building Environments of Trust

By Mitch Shepard | Leadership, Human Resources, Best Practices | No Comments

A few years ago I was hired to work with a leader who had just adopted a new team from another part of the company. When it came time for us to plan a strategy for the team's future he had big goals,…

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