In Seattle, Demand for Tech Workers is Insatiable

By Don Willmott | News, Recruiting, Compensation | No Comments

What's New This Quarter Here's an amazing stat: Amazon recently hired 12,800 employees bringing its headcount up to 109,800, compared with 81,400 a year ago. That means the company employs more…

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Money: It's Not All Employees Want

By Jayne Mattson | News, Best Practices, Compensation | No Comments

When employers act as though the 1959 song "Money (That's What I Want)" represents employees' top priorities in the workplace, they miss some of the most important drivers of satisfaction and…

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Salary Increase Budgets are Low and Going Even Lower

By Swift HR Solutions Team | Human Resources, Recruiting, Best Practices, Compensation, Finance | No Comments

Salary increase budgets and are near to historical lows, and are likely going even lower, due to the weak economic "recovery."  Growth in 2010 has been so tepid that unemployment has barely budged…

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Federal COBRA Subsidy Extended into 2010

By Swift HR Solutions Team | Human Resources, Compensation, Compliance, Healthcare | No Comments

Well it is official, the Federal COBRA Subsidy has been extended into 2010.  What does that mean to you and  your company?

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Tech Executive Pay Raises Way Down

By Swift HR Solutions Team | Human Resources, Recruiting, Technology, Venture Capital, Compensation, Finance | No Comments

According to a recent article in one of our favorite online publications, Xconomy, the raises for tech executives are the lowest they have ever been, even lower then the bubble burst of 2000-2001. 

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Are Employees Biding Their Time?

By Swift HR Solutions Team | Human Resources, Compensation | No Comments

In the November 16, 2009 Business Week, there was an interesting article suggesting that the high unemployment rate was scaring employees in to staying put until the economy turned around. 

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