OSHA is increasing its injury audits, so what?

By Swift HR Solutions Team | Human Resources, Legal | No Comments

OSHA, The Occupational Safety And Health Administration said it will be increasing their number of audits on employer's injury and illness records and doing more employee interviews at each audit.…

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Negotiating a Better Series A Deal

By Swift HR Solutions Team | Venture Capital, Finance | No Comments

Xconomy, the online technology publication, posted an interesting article today regarding Series A funding. I highly recommend you read the entire article and spend some time playing with the online…

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Are Employees Biding Their Time?

By Swift HR Solutions Team | Human Resources, Compensation | No Comments

In the November 16, 2009 Business Week, there was an interesting article suggesting that the high unemployment rate was scaring employees in to staying put until the economy turned around.

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Engaging Gen Y's in a Tough Economy

By Laura Schildkraut | Leadership, Human Resources, Recruiting, Best Practices | No Comments

Many Gen Y's were raised with soccer on Monday, piano on Tuesday, language immersion on Wednesday, art on Thursday, and community service on Friday. They are multi-taskers extraordinaire who expect…

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