Laura Schildkraut

Laura Schildkraut is the founder of Onboarding Gen Y whose mission is to help organizations attract, retain, and see excellence from their Gen Y employees, and to help college juniors and seniors, recent grads and first time job changers find careers they love. She is also an award winning UW faculty member and host of UWTV's "On the Career Path," "Information Technology Leaders" and "Information Matters."

Helping your Gen Y's Resolve Ambiguity

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According to the Webster's College Dictionary, ambiguity is "doubtfulness or uncertainty of meaning or intention."  In a business sense, it's lack of clarity.  How many times have we, as managers,…

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Engaging Gen Y's in a Tough Economy

By Laura Schildkraut | Leadership, Human Resources, Recruiting, Best Practices | No Comments

Many Gen Y's were raised with soccer on Monday, piano on Tuesday, language immersion on Wednesday, art on Thursday, and community service on Friday.  They are multi-taskers extraordinaire who expect…

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