What does an entrepreneur really look like?

By Swift HR Solutions Team | Leadership, Entrepreneurship | No Comments

Fortune magazine recently ran an article on just what an entrepreneur in the US looks like. According to the article, "Bill Gates. Steve Jobs. FedEx's Fred Smith. The image of the entrepreneur as…

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Private Company Investing seems to be making a come back

By Swift HR Solutions Team | Venture Capital, Finance | No Comments

According to a recent report from Cooley, Godward, Kronish, LLP the future is a bit brighter for companies out looking for Venture funding. The data revealed that the median for pre-money valuations…

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Leading and Managing Organization Change and Transition

By Bob Burgess | Leadership, Human Resources | No Comments

As a leader, how often have you experienced resistance to a change when you are attempting to make improvements? Even in cases where changes seem minimal, resistance oftentimes occurs. All companies…

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The Healthy Families Act: Another Burden For Small Employers?

By Devora Lindeman | Human Resources | No Comments

Are we ready for Congress to require that employers provide paid sick days to all employees? Five states (New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Hawaii and California) plus Puerto Rico mandate that…

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Top 10 Lessons in Starting Companies and Commercializing Technologies

By Eric Hal Schwartz | Technology | No Comments

A group of about 40 Taiwanese businessmen and scientists, who were in the U.S. to learn about how best to commercialize technologies from the lab, were treated last Thursday to a University of…

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