Top 10 Lessons in Starting Companies and Commercializing Technologies

By Eric Hal Schwartz | Technology | No Comments

A group of about 40 Taiwanese businessmen and scientists, who were in the U.S. to learn about how best to commercialize technologies from the lab, were treated last Thursday to a University of Washington panel of three veterans of the process, who shared their experiences and the lessons they've learned.

The panel consisted of serial entrepreneur and cleantech consultant Jeff Canin, neurological surgery and pediatric dentistry professor Pierre Mourad, and bioengineering professor Buddy Ratner. All three have been involved in several companies spun out of technology developed at UW, ranging from designing ultrasound toothbrushes to reprogramming skin cells into cells that can rebuild a heart after a heart attack, to improving how long beer can be stored without going bad ("one of the most important industries on this planet," Ratner asserted).

To read the entire article and learn the 10 top lessons in starting companies and commercializing their technologies, check out Xconomy, August 3, 2009.


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