OSHA is increasing its injury audits, so what?

By Swift HR Solutions Team | Human Resources, Legal | No Comments
OSHA, The Occupational Safety And Health Administration said it will be increasing their number of audits on employer's injury and illness records and doing more employee interviews at each audit.  Apparently, a review by the Government Accountability Office found that the lack of interviews of employees was just one of several flaws, but one they feel they can address immediately.

So what does that mean to you, a business owner?  Since there will be more audits, there is a higher probability that you may be audited and an even higher probability that your employees will be interviewed post a reported injury.  OSHA has also committed to doing audits more quickly, as today it can take up to two years to investigate a reported injury. 

OSHA and WISHA are two organizations that today penalize companies for not reporting injuries completely and correctly.  With new legislation, those penalties against employers who underreport or incorrectly report the severity of a workplace injury will increase.  "Many of the problems identified in the report are quite alarming, and OSHA will be taking strong enforcement action when we find underreporting," said Secretary or Labor Hilda Solis.

Be sure and post your OSHA and WISHA injury documents, provided in SwiftHR in-a-box, when required and be sure and complete them with as much detail and as timely as possible to avoid these new and potentially costly penalties post an audit.


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