Delise Crimmins

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How Fear is the Enemy of Creativity

By Delise Crimmins | Consulting | No Comments

Fear, not the kind where you fear for your life, but the kind of fear that makes you afraid you are going to say something stupid. The kind of fear that makes you self conscious and makes your heart…

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Escape Velocity and Micromanagement

By Delise Crimmins | Leadership, Consulting, Human Resources | No Comments

One of the biggest complaints I hear employees cite about managers is that they over manage an employee's tasks, or micromanage. When I hear that concern, I immediately ask what the manager is doing…

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A Simple Math Formula to Increase Employee Engagement

By Delise Crimmins | Leadership, Human Resources, Best Practices | No Comments

They say most problems in life can be solved through some form of mathematical equation. Being an organizational development executive, I have found that difficult to grasp as math is so far outside…

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3 Solutions to Making Better Hiring Decisions

By Delise Crimmins | Human Resources, Recruiting | No Comments

The cost to hire an employee averages between 14 to 29 percent of an employee's salary. This expensive line item becomes exponential when we make poor hiring decisions and are forced to rehire for…

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