Five Top Benefits of Gratitude in Business

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When things are going well, it's easy to feel grateful and remember everyone who contributed to your business's success -- friends and family, employees, investors, suppliers, and customers -- everyone who stuck with your vision through thick and thin. Figuring out what there is to be grateful for when things aren't going well is even more important. 

Here is our list of the top five benefits of being grateful in business: 

  1. Gratitude makes it easier to gain perspective, calm your mind, see things more clearly, and make better decisions for your business. 

  2. Employees and suppliers do better work and are more motivated to hang in there for the long haul when they feel their work is appreciated. Gratitude builds trust, which is the foundation of results!

  3. While it's true that investors care deeply about financial results, they are human beings, too. While gratitude isn't a substitute for business results, a little authentic gratitude can go a long way toward deepening and improving relationships with your investors. 

  4. Don't forget your customers! Gratitude for their trusting their business to your care attracts more business. A sincere, "Thank you for your letting us support your needs" goes a long way toward retaining happy customers who refer others. 

  5. And, last, but not least, being grateful is infectious! Leading through gratitude is a great way to influence others. 
What do you have to be grateful for in business this month, and how can you keep that going year round?

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