The Value of Values: Building Environments of Trust

By Mitch Shepard | Leadership, Human Resources, Best Practices | No Comments

A few years ago I was hired to work with a leader who had just adopted a new team from another part of the company.  When it came time for us to plan a strategy for the team's future he had big…

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Federal COBRA Subsidy Extended into 2010

By Swift HR Solutions Team | Human Resources, Compensation, Compliance, Healthcare | No Comments

Well it is official, the Federal COBRA Subsidy has been extended into 2010.  What does that mean to you and  your company?

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Tech Executive Pay Raises Way Down

By Swift HR Solutions Team | Human Resources, Recruiting, Technology, Venture Capital, Compensation, Finance | No Comments

According to a recent article in one of our favorite online publications, Xconomy, the raises for tech executives are the lowest they have ever been, even lower then the bubble burst of 2000-2001. 

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OSHA is increasing its injury audits, so what?

By Swift HR Solutions Team | Human Resources, Legal | No Comments

OSHA, The Occupational Safety And Health Administration said it will be increasing their number of audits on employer's injury and illness records and doing more employee interviews at each audit. …

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Are Employees Biding Their Time?

By Swift HR Solutions Team | Human Resources, Compensation | No Comments

In the November 16, 2009 Business Week, there was an interesting article suggesting that the high unemployment rate was scaring employees in to staying put until the economy turned around. 

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Engaging Gen Y's in a Tough Economy

By Laura Schildkraut | Leadership, Human Resources, Recruiting, Best Practices | No Comments

Many Gen Y's were raised with soccer on Monday, piano on Tuesday, language immersion on Wednesday, art on Thursday, and community service on Friday.  They are multi-taskers extraordinaire who expect…

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Leading and Managing Organization Change and Transition

By Bob Burgess | Leadership, Human Resources | No Comments

As a leader, how often have you experienced resistance to a change when you are attempting to make improvements?   Even in cases where changes seem minimal, resistance oftentimes occurs.  All…

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The Healthy Families Act: Another Burden For Small Employers?

By Devora Lindeman | Human Resources | No Comments

Are we ready for Congress to require that employers provide paid sick days to all employees? Five states (New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Hawaii and California) plus Puerto Rico mandate that…

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Outsourcing Human Resources is saving companies time and money

By Swift HR Solutions Team | Consulting, Human Resources | No Comments

According to a study recently published by Ceridian, a global business services company, and sponsored by the American Payroll Association (APA), outsourcing is becoming a more appealing and…

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