Outsourcing Human Resources is saving companies time and money

By Swift HR Solutions Team | Consulting, Human Resources | No Comments

The study also found that the primary reasons for outsourcing were all related to saving time, money, or access to additional tools and information.

#1 Minimize overall risks related to HR issues

#2 Measurable improvement of productivity

#3 Saved company money

#4 Ability to leverage other HR and integrated solutions

#5 Noticeable improvement in employee satisfaction and service

These benefits, along with others, provided by an outsourced HR solution have more and more businesses moving toward an outsourcing option, particularly for HR-related activities. "Perhaps equally striking was the overwhelming majority of respondents who told us their decisions to outsource were not being impacted by the current economy or recent legislative changes, " said Keith Strodtman, senior vice president and general manager, Ceridian HRO & Multinational Solutions.

Early stage companies looking to avoid costly legal fees, save time, and control overall employment costs should consider adding Human Resources to their team through outsourcing, allowing them to create a solid Human Resource infrastructure as early as possible, setting the stage for a more stable, strategic growth.


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