Financial Boot Camp gets wonderful reviews

By Swift HR Solutions Team | Leadership, Best Practices, Finance | No Comments

The first session of the Financial Boot Camp, sponsored by Swift HR Solutions, was a huge success! The attendees left with a better understanding of what the numbers are saying, how to utilize them to improve their businesses, and to top if off not a single calculator was used!

Some of the attendees' commented that:

"It was extremely valuable"

"The session gave me a good basis for comparison of the cash basis we currently use to manage the business vs. GAAP."

"(Diane) did a great jog explaining tough financial concepts."

"As someone who works for a venture backed company, I found the content useful and applicable."

"It is great to link learning with real life examples!"

And the good news is that there are still two more sessions of the Financial Boot Camp, so if you are interested in attending one or both, check them out and register today. There are only a few seats left, so don't miss out.

Session 2:

The Story Behind the Numbers
Unlock the mystery of the three key financial statements—the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. Learn to make better financial decisions based on the true story the numbers tell.

Session 3:

Demystifying the Budgeting Process

Learn about developing a budget, who needs to be involved, and how it relates to the strategic plan. Explore the difference between top down, bottom up, and zero based budgeting.


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