Swift HR Solutions and the NWEN First Look Forum

By Swift HR Solutions Team | Leadership, Technology, Venture Capital | No Comments

Swift HR Solutions is a big supporter of the Northwest Entrepreneurs' Network, focused on helping Northwest based companies succeed. 

At the recent First Look Forum, Findood was crowned the winner in a crowd of talented companies including: Dibspace (funny money, serious business), Digital Scirocco (where content creates value), Geedra (bringing transparency and efficiency to construction sites), Findood (the online place to find food) and Heatflow Technologies (PCR diagnostic, bringing the holy grail of better-cheaper-faster to on-site physician testing).

One of the prizes for the winner, Findood, was a SwiftHR®in-a-box and one of the amazing Swift HR Solutions HR Professionals.   "It's like we're a real company now!" quipped Findood CEO Jamen Shively.

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