A Data Driven Approach to
Identifying the Traits of Successful Leaders

A-Data-Driven-Approach-to-Identifying-the-Traits-of-Successful-Leaders-3d-250If you are a leader, or are responsible for hiring leaders, your inbox and social media news feeds are probably overrun with posts, ads, updates, and articles boasting headlines such as these.

This content receives plenty of likes and shares, but very rarely possesses quality data or actual research to back up the grandiose claims.

This study digs into the data and explores the concept of "Leadership", and how it can be fostered within an organization, in a systemized, scientific way.

To gather these findings, Thomas International (Thomas) conducted extensive research across North America, including a thorough review of the existing body of research, surveys and assessments of 253 senior executives, and statistical analysis of the gathered data.

In this report, you will learn:

  • The three most important competencies for leadership success.
  • What competencies leaders typically value most.
  • Which leadership competencies had significant outcomes.
  • Which leadership personality traits stand out as positive.

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